Virtual and Augmented Reality applications

Technology available for every business

Virtual reality means immersion into a virtual world. Augmented reality means a combination of the real and virtual world. Both can be cheap and effective into giving people immersive experiences. These experiences can help in training people, maintenance or marketing purposes and can vary from simple "phone VR" to more immersive VR headsets like the HTC Vive. Augmented reality can do the same

Why use this technology?

Reasons for utilizing this technology can vary from entertainment to marketing or maintenance. Here are the most used purposes.


This type of website is great to communicate your personal adventures, updates or life lessons.


Be in an environment far away from your location in seconds.


See instructions and train procedures through VR or in real life with AR.


Or just play around catching butterflies or pokemon in the world.

Introducing modern Virtual and Augmented reality

What can it give you?

Immersive experience

Immerse yourself into virtual worlds or add virtual experiences to the real world

Personalize content

Create environment and interactions to you custom needs.

Reduce barriers

Get used to barriers and overcome them before you encounter them.

Increase Brand awareness

Harness the power of VR and AR for users to talk about and share with friends.

Increase sales

Brands that use these technologies creatively will set a new standard of surprise and appear in eyes of their consumers as the first choice.


Analyse your user behavior with built in analytics


Train in immersive realtime environments.


Get help with maintenance tasks through augmented reality instructions.

And More

And many other features...



Train people from distant locations. Preparation for tasks can become more efficient when properly prepared.


Help maintain equipment through visual instructions on the spot by scanning a code or livestream your image to additional people and recieve instant support. USe technology like google glass or simply your phone or tablet.


Custom content

Customized content

Customize your solution. Add prefered interactions and media to fully suit your business.

Pricing indications

There are several options available ranging from low-end to high end solutions. Simple solutions can be using your phone for applications. High end solutions are linked to complete VR sets.
  • 360 Photos taken standard quality
  • Basic interactivity
  • Usable on desktop and phone
  • High quality 360 photos
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Usable on desktop and phone
  • Includes Vr phone set
  • Customized graphical additions
1200 - 2500
High end
  • HTC Vive VR set or Google glass
  • Custom high graphic PC (Vive)
  • Custom solutions
  • Custom interaction
  • Setup assistance
2500 - 12000


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