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Move towards Industry 4.0 standards with Ben David

Welcome to the Future

Ben David would love to introduce you to the exciting possibilities of new technology tha can offer solutions to your problems. Technology can help make decisions that streamline processes through systems that facilitate digital documentation, 3D data, localisation and much more!

Introducing Industry 4.0

Use technology to your advantage. Taste the fruits of digitization.

Digital documentation

Inut your documents such as maintenance procedures, user manuals and more through our input tool system and use this information in whatever way suits you.

3D data

Use CAD data to communicate problems through various technologies such as google glass or Virtual Reality.

Web based access

Access the system anywhere at any time or keep it confidential to one location.


Fully shaped towards your preferences and corporate identity.

Google glass

Use google glass on location to look at problems and solve them on the spot with other people. By scanning a code or automatic sensor detection.


Use 3d data and virtual reality of rooms to train people. Or show documentation on location to teach procedures.


Track people or assets on location or trigger documentation per location.


Works on every device. Smart watches are also no problem.

And More

Much much more...

Benefits of Industry 4.0?

Increased revenue & Reduce Costs

Problems can be detected, documented and solved faster leaving more time for other issues. Revenue is increased, while costs are minimized.

Effective Business Processes

In every major area of your business such as maintenance, training or communication.


Let your employees focus on the important things, and let the system do the rest.

Locational documentation

Get the correct documentation or procedures on the spot.

3D data

3D data can often solve many problems and is often already available. Maintenance, training and communication can all improve by using 3D Data such that the model can show which parts to replace and how, wherever one is in the world.

Combine with VR

Use VR to train people or combine different types of data. Imagine looking at an engine and seeing instructions on how to maintain or start it through your glasses ( see our VR page ).


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